STARS offers time, hope and life-saving transport to critically ill and injured patients.

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VIP Story

Alexandra Powell


Every year, I visit my crash site, write down all I’ve accomplished and bury the note. I do this as a reminder that my old life has ended and a better one has begun.

One winter morning, my friends and I were impaired, driving along a rural road. As we turned at high speed, the car rolled down a hill and I went flying through the back window.

Emergency responders located me crumpled on a snowbank. Seeing the extent of my injuries and knowing I needed urgent care, they called for STARS.

While in a coma for weeks with swelling on my brain, my family spoke to me, providing me strength to recover. I’m told my heart monitor would spike each time I heard a familiar voice urging me to fight harder.

Today, I’m a mom to an adorable son, have earned two diplomas and work with children with disabilities. I also speak to teens about impaired driving. My hope is to prevent others from making bad decisions.

The day I met my STARS crew, I was overcome with emotion and gratitude. Shaking hands with the people who worked tirelessly to care for me was one of the best days of my life.

Thank you, STARS.