STARS offers time, hope and life-saving transport to critically ill and injured patients.

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Mobile Education Program

Education and Training

GEMS is an online, multimedia emergency skills training experience with a hands-on simulation component that enables rural physicians to upgrade EM skills at work or at home. This program is provided in partnership between RPAP and STARS.

The STARS Mobile Education Unit was the first mobile program of its kind in North America.

The human patient simulator replicates complex medical and traumatic problems over and over again, offering medical personnel an opportunity to test and practice their reactions and skills leading to a high degree of familiarity and confidence.

The mannequin:

  • speaks and breathes;
  • blinks and has reactive pupils;
  • has a heartbeat and a pulse;
  • accurately mirrors human responses to such procedures as CPR, intravenous medication, intubation, ventilation and catheterization.

The mannequins have been installed in three motorhomes, creating large mobile emergency rooms. Additionally, STARS has a wireless mannequin that can be transported in a specially-modified SUV. This mannequin can be used in a variety of environments including hospital emergency rooms, classrooms, and mock accidents scenes.

Due to its complete versatility, STARS is able to bring training to health care workers who may be faced with barriers of distance and the inability to leave the community at regular intervals to train.

For More Information Contact

Dave Allison - Education Leader
Phone 587-436-1051
Chris Larose - Alberta North
Phone 780-832-2395
Matt Hogan - Saskatchewan
Phone 306-569-1524
Brent Bekiaris - Manitoba
Phone 204-371-3865