STARS offers time, hope and life-saving transport to critically ill and injured patients.

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Young's Equipment marks 25th anniversary with $500,000 donation to STARS

06.27.2013 Fundraising

On Monday, June 17th, the STARS helicopter landed at Young’s Equipment Inc. in Regina but instead of picking up a critically ill patient, they flew away with a cheque for $500,000. To commemorate their 25th anniversary, Young’s Equipment decided to make a generous donation to a worthy cause. For general manager Tim Young, that cause was STARS.


“This program is all about bringing the ambulance to the patient,” He said, ”whether it be a customer of ours, a person in the oil patch, or – very dear to my heart - our employees, if someone were to have an accident out on the road, out in a field, that is a very critical time for them to get health care and get it fast.”

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