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STARS unveils the Susan Ramsay Advanced Skills Institute

03.28.2012 Donations

Education is important to Susan and Doug Ramsay, so much so that they recently made one of the largest personal donations ever gifted to STARS. In recognition of their $2 million donation towards crew training, STARS unveiled the Susan Ramsay Advanced Skills Institute during a special event on February 23.

“We are very big believers in education,” said Susan. “We especially recognize the value of education for a group like STARS, where it will enhance patient care.”

Doug Ramsay, founder of Calfrac Well Services Ltd., has been on the STARS Board of Directors for the past four years.

The couple has a ranch by Okotoks, and the STARS helicopter frequently flies overhead. Susan explained that she used to feel sadness when she saw the helicopter, but now after learning more about the organization, she feels hope. With their donation to education, the Ramsays believe they can offer hope to more families who have been touched by STARS.

“Some of our close friends have become patients of STARS and been fortunate to have a positive outcome,” said Doug. “Until you are exposed to it like we were, people don’t understand the significance of what STARS does.”

The Ramsays also want to inspire others to give generously, and they hope their donation serves as a catalyst to spark more philanthropic giving to organizations like STARS.

“The business community needs to support STARS, whether it’s in Alberta,
Saskatchewan or Manitoba,” said Doug, adding that as a businessman, he can identify with the rapid growth of the organization as service is extended to new areas. “We have the utmost respect for the team here and we know our dollars are being used in the right way.”

Dr. Greg Powell, founder and CEO of STARS, said the organization is immensely appreciative of philanthropic donors like the Ramsays who believe in supporting the communities in which they live and work.

“This is a significant contribution to our organization and we are so pleased that our pilots and air medical personnel will continue to receive this vital training that helps them save lives.”

The Susan Ramsay Advanced Skills Institute is dedicated to providing ongoing education and training for the STARS air medical crews. The program focuses on ensuring skill retention, while developing critical thinking skills required for advanced practice in critical care transport.

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