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STARS nurse has deep roots in Manitoba


Margeaux Baunemann was a teenager, struggling to decide what she wanted to be when she grew up, when her father offered some sage advice.

“The world needs more nice nurses,” John Niziol said.

Baunemann always knew she wanted to work in health care, so she took his advice and enrolled in the bachelor of nursing program at University of Manitoba.

(Plus, she is nice – her father was right.)

“Right away I knew that helping patients was the job I was supposed to do,” said Baunemann. “I just never dreamed it would be in a helicopter, flying to a patient.”

Shortly after graduation, Baunemann landed a position in the emergency department at St. Boniface Hospital – the second largest hospital in Manitoba. It was a perfect fit. Not only was she working amid all the action and saving lives, she was working in the same facility as
her father.

“I’m so grateful for that opportunity,” said Baunemann, whose father has since passed away. “He worked in the cath lab at St. Boniface for 30 years. That place feels like home to me.”

A decade into her nursing career, STARS opened a base in Manitoba and Baunemann applied.

Since her hiring, she has fallen more in love with being an air medical nurse every day.

“I am absolutely passionate about nursing and working for STARS has only enhanced my experience. And, landing on a highway to help a patient is pretty exciting, too.”

Recently, Baunemann had the chance to meet a Very Important Patient who stopped by the Winnipeg base to thank her crew in person. She says it’s a highlight of her career. The mission involved an allergic reaction in which STARS flew the patient to a local hospital. A few days later, the patient - who was from outside the province - stopped by with her family for a visit.

“She and her husband were so thankful, they had tears in their eyes,” said Baunemann. “You can only hope you are making a difference in patients’ lives and when you see them and hear their gratitude, it’s wonderful."

“That’s not something you see much in hospital emergency nursing,” said Baunemann, who is married to a City of Winnipeg firefighter and mom to a nearly two-year-old boy.

Aside from meeting patients, Baunemann also values the training she’s received from STARS.

“I’ve never seen anything as good as the level of training at STARS and that includes my practical experience in university,” she said. “The training is amazing. It really helps us prepare for the types of patients we fly and the different situations we are involved in.”

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