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STARS medical crews compete in simulation challenge

05.09.2012 Training

It was an intense morning for eight members of the STARS air medical crew participating in the annual STARS internal simulation competition on Monday, May 7. The competition brings representatives from STARS bases across western Canada together to see who can perform best in a simulated medical emergency.

After a gruelling morning, Greg Barton and Alexis Mageau from the STARS Calgary base proved to be the top team that will represent STARS at the international challenge in Seattle during the Air Medical Transport Conference in October.

Facilitator Bruce Parsons explained that the scenario was based on one of his own experiences, but with a  few added details. A 16-year-old had sustained a head injury playing hockey a few days prior and had subsequently been having anger management issues, followed by lethargic periods. He had ingested antifreeze before being involved in a motor vehicle collision that left his vehicle wrapped around a pole.

The teams were prepped in the helicopter simulator for four minutes and then taken to an Alberta Health Services (AHS) simulation unit, where the patient had started to seize. According to Alexis, this was the highlight of the competition. “Setting up the whole simulation in the back of the  helicopter, then making us move to the ground unit was very realistic,” she said.

Bruce was appreciative of AHS for partnering in this challenge and providing the simulation unit for the morning. He congratulated all of the teams that participated while thanking all personnel who assisted during the competition. “A huge kudos to the teams for putting themselves out there,” he
said. “It takes a lot of work to prepare and a lot of guts to do it.”

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