STARS offers time, hope and life-saving transport to critically ill and injured patients.

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STARS lands in Saskatchewan

01.02.2013 Operations Regina Saskatoon

Just 54 minutes after Saskatchewan’s second base launched, STAR-11 out of Saskatoon embarked on its first mission. It was an historic day, on the heels of a momentous time at STARS. We are now stationed at two bases in the province ready to provide rapid emergency care for the critically ill and injured.

With helicopters staffed with highly trained crew and state-of-the-art medical equipment onboard, STARS operates like a travelling intensive care unit.

In addition to emergency scene calls, such as motor vehicle collisions, STARS will be available for inter-hospital transfers where patients in rural communities could be facing lifethreatening conditions.

With two pilots, a flight nurse and paramedic onboard each mission, we are able to take the emergency room to the patient. This helps complete the chain of survival that begins the moment a patient needs emergency help or critical care.

On April 30, 2012, STARS began providing helicopter air ambulance service for patients in southern Saskatchewan from the base in Regina. The very next day the crew took flight, responding to a medical emergency in Arcola and we transported our first patient.

The health minister called the base opening an historic day for Saskatchewan.

“The launch of the STARS helicopter air medical service for our province is made possible today through the strong partnership of the health system, community minded businesses, and our government,” then health minister Don McMorris said on opening day at the Regina base.

“People across southern Saskatchewan now have the comfort of knowing that in an emergency, help is closer at hand than ever before.”

This milestone occasion was followed five months later by more good news when, on Oct. 15 the Saskatoon base began operations. STARS completed 80 missions in the first five months.

“Overall, we are really pleased with the way the STARS organization has integrated into the Saskatchewan emergency medical services landscape and we feel great knowing this service is helping save lives,” said Ron Dufresne, vice president of Saskatchewan operations.

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