STARS offers time, hope and life-saving transport to critically ill and injured patients.

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New crews prepare for 24/7 operations


Call volumes have been increasing since STARS started permanent operations out of the Winnipeg base in February 2012. We currently have 11 new air medical staff enrolled in the STARS medical crew induction program and they are due to complete their training in late fall 2012. These new hires include six nurses and five paramedics, and were added to the team to enable us to move to 24/7 operations in 2013.

Nurse and paramedic recruits enter the STARS with strong professional backgrounds and go through an additional 10-week training course that covers all the fundamentals of critical care transport medicine and operations at STARS.

"We're impressed with the level of expertise and experience that the nurses and paramedics in Manitoba bring to our team,” says Grant Therrien, STARS' Clinical Operations Manager at the Winnipeg base. “We've had an all-Manitoba staff for several months now and this new group of air medical crew will allow us to move to the next level. STARS is looking forward to welcoming our new team members and providing Manitobans with full service around the clock in early 2013."

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