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Calgary Takes Home the Win in the All STARS SIM Competition

05.23.2013 Training

On Wednesday, May 15th, the STARS Edmonton base hosted the All STARS simulation competition, which allows members of the STARS Air Medical Crew the unique opportunity to show off their skills while taking part in a simulated emergency. The winners of this competition go on to represent STARS at the CAE Cup during the 2013 Air Medical Transport Conference in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

The four teams from Edmonton, Grande Prairie, Calgary and Regina faced a tough, complex scenario involving a motorcycle collision. All groups handled it very well and made the judges’ job quite difficult. In the end, Greg Barton and Alexis Mageau of the Calgary base came out on top.

The teams of Justin Mazzolini and Lori Coutts (Edmonton), Dennis Moon and Sherry Gauthier (Grande Prairie), Kevin Easton and Jon Antal (Regina) and Greg Barton and Alexis Mageau (Calgary) put in many hours of hard work studying and preparing for the competition. It should be noted that each team won a preliminary round at their home base in order to earn their spot at the All STARS competition.

Judge Dr. Sunil Sookram was impressed with all of the participants. He finished his post-scenario debrief with the following statement:

“If me or anybody in my family was sick, I would love to have any one of you be part of my care.”

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