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STARS News Release

STARS welcomes new President and Chief Operating Officer

July 4, 2011

Andrea Robertson

On June 13, 2011, Andrea Robertson joined STARS as the new President and Chief Operating Officer, responsible for the direction of STARS' operations including clinical operations, aviation, education and emergency medical communications, reporting to the Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Greg Powell.

“In working with the Boards of Directors over the past year in preparing STARS for the future, the role of President and CEO has been split into two positions – the position of Chief Executive Officer and the position of President and Chief Operating Officer,” explained Dr. Powell.

“The President and Chief Operating Officer is a critical role as we establish bases in other jurisdictions and continue to maintain the same high standard of safety and patient care excellence to which we are firmly committed,” added Dr. Powell.

In his continuing role as Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Powell will have an outward focus, continuing to build upon our strong relationships with donors, stakeholders and partners. He continues to have oversight of the organization, and as the accountable executive for safety, has a direct relationship to this value and key function and focus in our organization.

Andrea Robertson began her career in the Calgary region as a critical care nurse and has since held positions as Vice President of the Foothills Medical Centre and Alberta Children's Hospital, Vice President of the South Health Campus in Calgary, and most recently, Senior Vice President and Chief Nursing Officer for Alberta Health Services.

In her first week with STARS, Robertson donned a flight suit and prepared to find out firsthand what the STARS mission is all about. Upon spending time with the STARS Air Medical Crew, she shared a special conversation.

“When I met with the crew, they wanted to talk about one thing, and that was the mission they had just been on,” said Robertson. “What one of the paramedics said to me, that is very telling about this organization, is that he's been flying for us for over a decade and that he comes to work everyday and learns something new. He conveyed that this is a continuous learning organization.”

Andrea said she is humbled by the expertise and knowledge in the organization and is excited about the opportunities ahead.