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STARS celebrates five years in Sask. with $2.5 million gift from Mosaic

July 13, 2017

Regina, SK, July 13, 2017 — During a fifth anniversary open house at the STARS Regina base today, The Mosaic Company announced a major gift of $2.5 million to STARS, reinforcing the company’s ongoing support of the air ambulance service, and helping to ensure that STARS can continue to save lives across the province.

Including this latest commitment, Mosaic has given more than $8 million to STARS in Saskatchewan. The company was one of the earliest donors in Saskatchewan, initially providing $5.5 million toward the Regina hangar and a BK 117 helicopter to literally get operations off the ground five years ago.

“Mosaic partners with organizations that enhance the sustainability of our business and the communities where we operate,” said Bruce Bodine, Mosaic’s senior vice president, potash.

In announcing today’s generous gift, Bodine stressed the importance of STARS, especially for those working or living in remote locations across the province. “Our potash operations are located in rural Saskatchewan, and our employees reside in many small communities that benefit from the addition of this service. If an incident were to happen at one of our facilities or a nearby community, we know that STARS is ready to help,” said Bodine.

Mosaic’s sizable donation will be directed toward the operation of STARS’ helicopter air ambulance bases in Regina and Saskatoon. The provincial government provides approximately 50 per cent of the funds needed to run STARS in Saskatchewan, meaning the STARS Foundation must raise the remaining $10.5 million annually.

“We are forever grateful to early corporate donors like Mosaic who were instrumental in establishing STARS in our province,” said Denise Belman, executive director of the STARS Foundation, Saskatchewan. “For us, it’s all about the patient, and we are honoured that Mosaic is renewing their commitment to our organization, enabling us to continue providing world-class emergency air medical care and transport to those who need it most.”

Since establishing operations in Saskatchewan in 2012, STARS has flown over 4,000 missions to more than 500 communities across the province. These missions would not have been possible without the unwavering support of a wide range of allies including donors, chain of survival partners and the community. Today’s fifth anniversary open house was a celebration of that accomplishment, and it gave the public a behind-the-scenes look at STARS’ operations.



STARS is a charitable, non-profit helicopter air ambulance organization that provides time, hope and life-saving support to critically ill and injured patients. Our doctors, nurses, paramedics and pilots work with a team of dedicated support staff and community partners to save lives through rapid and specialized emergency medical care and transportation. STARS operates 24/7 out of six bases across western Canada, where it has carried out more than 36,000 missions since 1985.

About The Mosaic Company

Mosaic is the world's leading producer and marketer of concentrated phosphate and potash. At Mosaic, we understand that the sustainability of our business and our communities are indelibly linked. We strive to be a thoughtful and engaged neighbour who invests carefully and generously and seeks partnerships with organizations that are making a difference.

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