STARS offers time, hope and life-saving transport to critically ill and injured patients.

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Red Ring for Life

Show your pride in being part of the STARS team and support our life saving mission by wearing a Red Ring for Life!

The Red Ring for Life is a program in support of STARS. The ring is a symbol of the many hands involved in a life-saving mission and worn by supporters, donors, former patients and members of the chain of survival.

We all share a degree of separation from STARS. One in ten Albertans knows a patient or was a patient. How many degrees of separation are you?

With a minimum donation of $5 per month for one year or a yearly tax-deductable donation of $60, you will receive your stainless steel ring.

To join, simply click Join Now and fill out the registration form. You will automatically receive your ring in the mail within three to four weeks time. Every dollar donated through this program goes straight to supporting the STARS mission.


People appearing in the campaign for Red Ring for Life are former patients or family members of someone who was cared for by STARS. Patients like Brent Yaschuk, who was flown after an accident on Little Bow Lake.

Brent says "I was in hospital for 33 days and STARS helped save my life by getting me there on time. I wear the ring to show my support and pride to be part of the STARS family."

Someone will be flown today.

The Red Ring for Life commercial, produced thanks to SHAW TV, may be airing in your community. View the commercial below. You can also view a SHAW TV interview about the program HERE.

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