STARS offers time, hope and life-saving transport to critically ill and injured patients.

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Our commitment to our patients

Striving for excellence

Our medical team has a commitment to ensuring the best care is delivered to patients on each and every mission, and we work hard to make sure this is the case.

Our Clinical Quality Assurance Program mandates that 100 per cent of our missions are reviewed once they are complete, by both an independent air medical crew member and transport physician not involved in treating the patient. All aspects of the mission and patient care documentation are scrutinized to ensure compliance with STARS medical protocols and that the patient received optimal care throughout the transport. Achieving a review rate of 100 per cent is a unique practice in transport medicine.

Results of these reviews are shared openly among the STARS medical team and our partners as transparency helps improve care for all patients in the health-care system. If areas for improvement are discovered, STARS medical leadership update our protocols and training programs accordingly.

The critical nature of the medical care we provide demands we ensure we do the best job possible, every time, without fail. Our Clinical Quality Assurance Program helps make this happen.