STARS offers time, hope and life-saving transport to critically ill and injured patients.

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Our commitment to our patients

Exceptional expertise

Our doctors, nurses and paramedics don’t just work at STARS; they work in your community. You will find them in local emergency departments, intensive care units, and ground ambulances in addition to the back of a STARS helicopter.

Our nurses and paramedics are experienced, typically with at least five years professional background in hospitals or ambulance services, before joining us. Those selected to join must then successfully complete a comprehensive and intensive 10-week induction training program that exceeds 200 hours of instruction before they can accept their first mission. After that, a minimum of 96 hours of ongoing specialized air ambulance and critical care training is required annually for as long as they work for STARS.

Becoming a STARS transport physician doesn’t come easy either. Our doctors come from backgrounds that include specialty level emergency medicine and other critical care fields. Like our nurses and paramedics, STARS transport physicians work in the local community and must meet ongoing training requirements.

On board, patients are always cared for by a STARS flight nurse and flight paramedic team. A transport physician accompanies the patient when medically required. Otherwise, they are always available for consultation through telephone or radio link.