STARS offers time, hope and life-saving transport to critically ill and injured patients.

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Our commitment to our patients

Every day, STARS takes care of some of the sickest and most critically-injured patients in Western Canada. This translates to thousands of people every year who rely on STARS to get them to hospitals safely where they can access the advanced care they need.

While in the air, these patients will receive the highest level of care available. Here's how we deliver on that commitment.

Exceptional expertise

Our doctors, nurses and paramedics have years of experience and extensive training to care for critical patients. Read more »

Cutting-edge technology

Our helicopters are more than an ambulance in the air; they bring a sophisticated medical environment directly to the patient. Read more »

Striving for excellence

Our medical team continually reviews the care our crews provide to our patients to ensure we are always delivering the best treatment possible. Read more »